Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

I asked my good friend Jason Hartman if he would be able to sing and play me a song which my mom had heard and loved, Harry Styles – Sign of the times. He picks up my old acoustic guitar and plays his version for me, wow I tell him that sounds amazing. A day later he sends a recorded copy via Watts up which he has now done at his home sitting on a broken chair. Jason explains how he placed his cell phone precariously on a table in front of him as he sings and records his version for me. As I listen to his version I am filled with deep unexplored emotions, emotions of joy and happiness I am quiet and amazed for what my good friend has done for me.

Listening to this beautiful song I now hear the words clearly and I am completely filled with joy, I am taken to a place far, far away and I can see my mom enjoying this moment as I am. Jason is truly gifted he records this song whilst playing an acoustic guitar no back up no band nothing just him in his room and it sounds so good. On his first attempt he does not even know the words but just mimes along to the tune which I had played once for him, he strums to his beat and just plays so amazingly. Jason recently spent some time in the USA with a well-known musician playing live in New Orleans and understanding himself as a great musician, he is a good friend and is always there for me.

I will take this along with me as I run the New York marathon and when I am sore and tired I will play it on my headphones I know it will inspire me and get me through the tough time I will face. This great moment will get me to the finish line where the love of my life will be waiting with a great elated smile of joy on her worried face as I complete the marathon TBI will not stop me it inspires me and I shall inspire others.

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