Loving Warm Fire

 Family, Farm, Fire

Three ordinary people sit around an amazing campfire deep in the wild Lowveld bush amongst the wild night life. As we sit comfortably here we hear the crackling of solid hard wood as it moulds into deep bright orange coloured hot coals to heat us until late into the evening. There should be four of us but one has decided to leave us to ponder on deeper thoughts- her thoughts which shall always remain right here at this campfire for us amongst the beauty within us, part of us this wild beauty as was my beautiful mom warm and inviting.

So tonight my father, sister and I enjoy this incredible evening far away from the hustle and bustle of too many lights and loud noise we sit in the quiet bush listening to my mother’s spirit swirling around amongst this beauty. My mom is now all around us she lives on stronger than ever amongst beauty amongst all of us.

Life is short as we know it suddenly one day we are much older and the kids have grown up they are now ready to start their own family to continue in life living, growing and enjoying all the good parts. We will often say in wonder whilst talking to old friends ‘where did it all go?’ Well Ange and I will sit around that camp fire on many occasion with my Cammy and Keegs, with oupa, with their kids and we will enjoy the warm orange light which will swirl around it will be Beryl just popping in to say hi and to enjoy many moments with us right here at her campfire.


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