See the Sun

See the Sun

Did you see the sun… did you? The Next time you have the chance to watch a new sun rising don’t just watch it, feel it allow it to energize you from deep inside allow it to bring new life to your deep soul allow your subconscious to be awakened allow it in. A new sun rising could bring the only good you could get for the entire day it may bring life  it could give you the strength to get through this demanding  time which now  may be introduced with a heavy load. After a difficult day as you stare aimlessly to the horizon you see the sun fading away you wish it farewell knowing that it will be back to meet you tomorrow morning as it did today. Tomorrow it will bring energy and peace and new life once again so as you watch it go to sleep now you too can get to bed knowing that it  gave you energy to get through this heavy day. A new sun will bring hope and joy and is just so beautiful to watch as it rises, as it breaks the horizon to display all its life.

I Don’t often have a view of a new sun rising only on the farm once I am in my place the place I love the most am I able to see a new sun rise from all the different angles I watch it grow in size and I see it climbing higher and higher I see it racing through time breaking all darkness I see it bringing me life. Just like that it just gives expecting nothing in return.

My favorite colour has always been orange, I know weird but I know why now for that is the colour of my sun it displays all my favorite shades of orange as it rises and sets each day it brings new colors of joy and sends me feelings of hope- good feelings. Our sun so beautiful it gives me strength to get through the hard lonely day I am about to face it allows me to rest in the evening peacefully. For this reason I look forward to each sunrise for I know that I am alive and strong. I now will look forward to a sunrise in the USA  once I have completed the New York marathon I will watch a sunrise and know that I am alive and strong.

I need your help to get me there as I have not worked in two years TBI has taken that away from me but I will not be broken I am standing up I will inspire others who have fallen to TBI I will help them see the sun.

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