Today is ‘T’ Day

Today is ‘T’Day

‘T’ day is Mr T from the popular eighties series, as a famous comedian says “you gonna come over here now boy” ………….. it gets bad real bad but it is funny and yes I started this at bio kinetics I used to talk in my best Mr T voice and Jiten was the one I now blame for the introduction of Mr T Friday. I know it came from my past for some reason this was one of my acts I used to put on after many Black Label beers but I had forgotten how the correct version actually was said so every week I used to shout out the first line to Jiten and we laughed. One day I was at Bio and it came to me just like that the full version, the true version of Mr ‘T’. So I told all in my best Eddie Murphy voice of Mr ‘T’.

Wow as I spurted out I saw Ange close her eyes and walk away but anyway it was out and it was loud and rough. We all laughed though it was kind of funny so my Bio Kinetics therapist Jiten decided every Friday at Bio it is Mr ‘T’ day. This also happens to be the day that two Wits students come along for their training in an actual environment where they will be able to get involved with the broken people who need this therapy to be able to walk properly again. As I walk in I guess they were expecting an easy start to the day as this guy looks very ordinary I have a brain injury (TBI) so I look ‘ normal’ and quiet and then out comes Mr ‘T’ and ‘normal’ just left the room –  sorry Jason and Tammy aka Mrs ‘T’. We did have a good session Katlego was there walking in his suit of armour for the nineteenth time now Katlego was run over a few years ago and is wheelchair bound but his strong brother will not allow this and takes him to Bio so that one day he too will walk out the door again. I see this man so broken but so strong walking and I see his eyes sparkle in passion I see him he is strong and his journey although has just begun he will do fine for he has his brothers support.

I am truly amazed by all the strength I have around me. Today I had my most amazing wife by my side as she always is and I had a room full of amazing people new students about to take their road in this tough world helping others to walk, I Had Katlego and his brother giving their best Mr ‘T’ impression and I had Jiten full of laughter and spirit guiding and pushing me through my session helping a broken man get strong again.

Thank you all of you for who you are and for what you do for others I am happy today as a broken man helped me today his amazing sparkle of life gave me life, gave me strength thank you Katlego.

Your contributions are helping me get up again. Thank you.

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