Back A Buddy for New York for TBI

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Back A Buddy for New York for TBI

I recently opened Google to get to my Back A Buddy site to see how my fundraising was getting on and wow I was just about blown away I have reached a third of what I need to be able to compete in the New York marathon November 2017. I cannot believe how blessed I am that ordinary friends and family and just friends of friends and unknown people are opening their hearts to get me to the marathon.

I would like to tell all these amazing people who are helping me to do this thank you so very much without you guys this would not be possible. Please remember for all those who have donated and who still will donate yes it is allowing me to get to New York to run a marathon – which I have never ever attempted or even thought about running more than a few kilometers in my life that I am using this as a platform to promote TBI I am giving my life to helping others, I will stand tall I am a simple man who fell hard and denied the grim reaper his quest. I am using my injury to be able to reach out to others who themselves have fallen and are now struggling to get up again. All of you ordinary people who have opened your hearts are the reason I will be able to help another. You are the ones who are helping others all of you are the silent gems behind my lifelong campaign to help the ones who have fallen in whichever way they have I am just a spokesperson who has a simple wish; to be able to inspire anyone just to be able to get up again.

We have all fallen in our lives but we get up again as we are strong enough to however there are people who have been knocked down hard but now cannot get up again they might just need a bit of inspiration and all they need is someone that can give them that something to get them up again perhaps I may be able to help, I may just be the person who bears his own deep scars who has turned this nightmare to a high by helping so many more. I am inspired each day by special people that try hard and never give up by being themselves they inspire me so now I will inspire others. Now I need to go out to companies to help raise the balance now the hard work starts I need to do this I can and I will.

Thank you all take a bow and may life give you back so much more, I will carry your gratitude in my heart as I cross that finish line and I will do it for all those who cannot I am TBI pleased to meet you.

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