TBI Memory

TBI Memory

Memory is extremely important – short term memory I feel is mostly important for daily life and survival, I say survival for a good reason imagine you are heating up some oil and turn the gas to high so the oil can heat up quickly whilst it is heating up you quickly turn the water in the bath on and leave it to run whilst you check on the oil to turn it down but as you leave the bathroom you want to water the garden so you are now on your way to turn the hose pipe to full so your growing veggies can get some water. You are in clean up mode now and turn on the tap in the kitchen to wash dishes you see the dish washing liquid is finished so now you will leave the house for a run to the mall you will run there and be back in forty minutes or so no one will ever know you left the house.

Here is the start of a big problem – you forgot everything that took place in the last twenty minutes you have left the safety of your home to run to the mall and whilst leaving you forgot to close the gate. That’s just the start once on your way to wherever you have forgotten to go as you forgot to take the empty dish washing liquid bottle with you this would have been a great way to ease the pain of the goldfish memory you now have acquired; your TBI memory. But it too now lives in the abyss deep, deep down. This is called short term memory loss– goldfish memory. A goldfish has a memory span of about twenty minutes, mine is as bad as twenty seconds I know what you are thinking why do I not use an egg timer or the alarm on my phone, I have tried all these the problem is I just forget to set the timer there goes that theory. So I get to the shops and buy chocolate as this is my best food source for its smooth texture massages my now defunct taste buds and does magic on my tongue. It took a while to buy some chocolate as I walked around the mall for half an hour or so, well to be honest it was more like two hours I just walk round and round only about the third or fourth trip past the same shops do I remember that I was here before, things seem familiar and the shop owner asked me that after the fourth walk around his shop do I still not know what it is I actually would like to buy.

So now I need to get home I get to the gate and realise I obviously left it open I hope the cats are still here and no one has burgled us. Whilst standing at the now closed gate A strong flow of water passes me by running freely down to the lowest point this this is weird there has been no rain since I left I walk up to the house and notice where the flow of water originates from it is all over. The side of the house, the front door, our door oops what is going on here, there is still no knowledge of anything and why is there smoke escaping from the windows oh crap this could be bad real bad.

Clean-up operation now starts I realise that I had obviously done all the damage the thick pot has burned dry and is buckled that gets the bin, the excess water in the house takes a while to clean, well I will just tell all I felt like washing the floors lucky for the tiles. All is okay I have been through this many times I am sure but it could have been bad real bad I could have fallen asleep and the buckling pot could have spilled and burned down the house killing me in the process as I have no smell and could not smell the burning. Oh well just another day in the life of TBI memory…. Hello goldfish.

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One thought on “TBI Memory

  1. Hi Bevan

    Have you tried slowing yourself down? I had similar issue, perhaps not as sever. I found that by slowing my mind down i was able to better hold my thoughts. The catch is that you need something to remind you to slow yourself down otherwise you will forget. Get something physicam to remind yourself to do so, like a wrist bend.


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