TBI Inspired

Inspired by TBI

Nicole and her three amazing kid’s wave to me from across a busy Sandton hotel lobby as I figure out in my broken brain what it is I am now searching for… I see but I am confused, no need Nicole I noticed you guys a long time ago it just takes me a while now to identify this moment. I will be able to recognise all of you anywhere as there is a bright light that surrounds my sister, brother my two nieces and the youngest my nephew. We will all meet here tonight to wish them farewell on their return trip to their home in England. This farewell is not sad for me it is beautiful and inspiring it tells me that our journey as a great family has just begun it tells me that we have all bonded and are now strong, we have stood together to be there for each other. Without knowing each of us have helped the other to get through this testing time that of the passing of our beautiful mom our beautiful Nanna.

Father time does not care for individuals he ticks on and heeds for no one he is far greater than all if we do not respect him he will end us before we begin. I Now sit amongst family and friends and see for the first time in my life how father time took control of all of us, I see how he has created new generations I see him I see him. I see my brave young son become a powerful man, I see my beautiful daughter become independent, I see my two young nieces growing tall and proud, I see my baby nephew standing tall and facing life’s challengers, I see my strong sister glistening in the light of her kids, I see our friends supporting all of us I see how they love life and I see my most amazing wife stronger than ever part of our great family enjoying this most inspiring moment. I see me; this man who fell hard this man who stood up and refused to be broken smile and feel inspired by all these amazing people brought together once again by an incredibly beautiful woman.

Tonight as we all enjoy this moment I talk and talk I am excited and happy but as I talk I feel my battery has run flat and now I have to get home to rest I know it will take a few days for me to recharge. This is just fine for the last week has been the most amazing week in my life even though I stumbled through all the sorrow and pain from the passing of my mom I found love and strength in my family and friends I listened to father time and he exposed life he showed me truth and allowed me to accept me he helped me understand me.
I may have TBI but I am alive and I am in love with life.

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