A Time to Celebrate

A Time to Celebrate

As I sit here amongst many, many friends and family members I realise that we shall never share this moment again for a very long time to come for this moment is one of those special times we would not particularly want to have to share but for some reason we are all enjoying the day and the time we have been privileged to get to now share.

We started the day crying and hugging each other in sadness but now we cheer and celebrate the life of my mom Beryl Mavis Oschger. We do not only cheer and celebrate her life we now celebrate and enjoy this awesome moment a moment which has brought all of us together all the grandkids the friends, cousins our other moms and dads all of us are connected by my mom in some way. Wow I see my two kids sharing stories with their cousins, I see my son sharing a beer with my friends, I see my friends sharing stories with my mother’s friends and I see me sitting and watching all of this just sitting and watching as joy unfolds before me. New memories will now be captured into my new mind they will not be sent into the abyss they will be here for me to love and enjoy all my life now I am truly blessed for this moment. I cannot smell the fresh air which blows between us or the rain which starts to pitter patter on our calm bodies but I can imagine how it is I can love it as everyone else here does. The rain which falls now in the middle of winter it should not but it does for I believe my mom demanded it does just to show us that she too is here just teasing us just saying hi and thanks for the great day. It is our pleasure mom for you have now bonded our young children together forever you see I knew you could not stay away for too long I know you too well we will never forget you we love you and we will miss you but we know you are always around us just making sure we all enjoy each other and we all can enjoy love in it’s entirety. Thank you mom.


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