TBI To Be Inspired

TBITo Be Inspired

Yes I know TBI means Traumatic Brain Injury but for myself I shall know it as ‘to be inspired’ and why not who makes the rules in anyway if I upset people who have a TBI I am sorry but that’s life get over it. I have a TBI and I am inspired by people who live with the invisible scar people who regularly lift me up by their smile and tough fighting spirit. Two of my good friends Roxy and Anton were knocked flat by a TBI but they refuse to stay down they will not allow it to stop them. Anton is working now and Roxy wants me to teach her to run again and so I will. Run forest run! I will start a running club the only membership fee will be a TBI see what you are starting Roxy.

In my life I have met so many strong people but in recent times I have been privileged to meet many, many people who are so much stronger than all the strong people put together. Jayne with a Y, Tebogo, Trevor, Lance, Laurence, Sherry, Mike – with a S, Nana, Brian, Byron, Rui, Helena, Soekie, Damian, Anton, Roxy, Kim, Freddy, Christine, Jade, Jackie, Tina, Justin, Lauren, Jitem, Caitlin,  Jessica, Yvonne, Kallie, Welcome and so many more. These are all ordinary people that fight hard and give so much each day they give to others they help others. All these people inspire me and help me get strong help me fight harder and harder I cannot stop fighting because if I do I will let them and myself down.

Thank you for helping me thank you for just being who you are thank you for breaking TBI down and making TBI stronger than just any injury. TBI is my strength it inspires me it is an unstoppable superpower a force that we carry so that we can help others become strong again.

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