The Fine Line

The Fine Line

I love going to sleep on a Sunday evening now knowing in the back of my mind that tomorrow will be a blue Monday, well in the old days every Monday was generally blue as the weekend has been so great and now it is back the grindstone. Now though there is no work there is Headway for the day almost similar to work- same, same but different.

There is such a close call between understanding the close shave one has had with death and surviving and then being able to now really appreciate life.  Almost as if you have died but were brought back for a second chance – the fine line.  to enjoy and appreciate each and every day I should be dead but I survived- how I have no idea deep inside I do know but that will stay in the unknown deep abyss, the no entry department for us living humans it shall stay till one day it is revealed and then it will not matter at all for we will truly be dead. I do not work some may say I do not have much of a life which is okay I know what I have. I have something that very few people here on earth actually do have, the understanding of how close I really came to the end. Now for this reason I can understand so much more than the smartest man alive. They can come with their billions but they do not have what I have and they will never have it…ever.

Life is not easy especially when you have been knocked down and struggle now to get up. I got up and now I dedicate my life to helping others to get up I do not have a full written out plan of action but I have a plan a good plan. Live my life the best I can enjoy each and every day is a start the rest of my great plan shall unfold and be revealed to me as I go. The most important part for me now is to appreciate all parts of life to know that in a split second it is gone and may never be experienced again.

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