Inspired by Tbi

Inspired by TBI

Tonight a great man gave so much to a broken man this man looks ordinary, walks in an ordinary fashion in fact if you met him you would not know he bears the invisible scar – that of a TBI. I know he has a superpower for he exposed this to us he told us of his journey he spoke to us openly, he inspired us.

Now once again I know that my journey is a great one I do not live in the past, I do not wish that traumatic day of mine never occurred I just get up each day stronger than ever for I know that everything will be okay, everything will work out just fine. I will get to New York stronger than ever now, I will get there and I will try my best to lift one person up from their great fall I will try get someone strong again and when I do I will be even stronger for by helping another they will give me the strength to help another until one day I shall help so many to just get up and be strong.

I know this for Damian has given me strength to walk further and stronger to get to wherever it is I shall go… my way. Damian fell hard but was not left to fend for himself his two brothers were there to pick him up and are still there helping him when he needs it so is his beautiful wife right there. Damian met his wife after his accident which changed him forever but as he speaks he hands out energy in such great quantities I see his wife so proud and in love with this strong man it is so inspiring.

Thank you Damian for taking time to speak to others who themselves have fallen for giving us so much needed inspiration and for handing out all that energy in heaps and bounds. Go well on your journey.

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