Beryl’s Spirit is Alive

Beryl’s Spirit is alive

As you opened this post to get some kind of entertainment you noticed something is out of the ordinary, what the heck Bevan you say in your mind you have aligned the wrong side why did you not check this before posting…lol? That is a very silly thing to do?
Well actually I have checked and this is how it is to be for this post is about my mother Beryl Mavis Oschger born Beryl Mavis Macleod. My mother was certainly different even her birth name, the Macleod is spelt different to the normal. I woke up this morning singing a tune as I do each morning but this morning was different it was the rose by Bette Middler my mother’s favorite song. Now I have to go out and find a bottle of Red Heart rum and a pack of Texan plain cigarettes which I shall hand out at my dear mothers wake this is what Beryl would have wanted if she popped around and did not see this she would be mighty upset… “No f…… cigarettes or rum what the heck did I not teach you lot a thing”? So for my mom this is what it will be. This morning I am not sad and crying I am joyful as all my thoughts of my mom are great ones, there are two memories which come to mind both are of recent times the first was a year ago I would stay a week at the farm as Ange was away on conference after a few days I sat on the front steps crying my heart out for I was missing my wife so very much when suddenly I felt a warm arm around my shoulder mom was sitting next to me and comforting me telling me everything will be okay just let it out so I did, I could for my strong mom was right there. The other time was more recent we were visiting again and I went into my dad’s store room to find a something when I turned around and noticed my mom outside looking up at trees or whatever she could but actually she was just there seeing that I was okay just being a mom protecting her now young son for after his accident he now needs looking after as would an infant.
There are a few moments which now come to mind of recent times I got to spend with her for all other memories have too been placed in the abyss, the dark hole where no access is granted until one day I too shall be with my mom but then no access into the abyss shall be required as the laws of life do not allow this. This is okay for I listen and see pictures of all who knew her and that allows me to create new memories of my dear mom.
Thinking of you mom thank you for protecting me and making such a strong man out of me. Lying in the bed at your last moments even broken you were so beautiful.

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