My Mom will Never be forgotten

Tomorrow the Sun Will Rise

Today is difficult, I cry when I least expect for my broken brain does not allow me to grieve properly just in bits and pieces and there aren’t many emotions attached to my short occasional tissue episodes. One thing keeps bringing me back to the most amazing moments I was able to spend with my beautiful mom was her smile and never give up attitude. We were able to visit often last year Ange managed to get off work a few times to take me up.
I can remember thinking last year to visit my parents for if they may leave us they will not send an invitation to please come visit this year as they are leaving and will never come back they will just hop on the train of life and go away to the next port of call. I am so glad we managed to get up last year to spend some quality time with my mom, just to sit at the farm with no other matters at hand just to be there to love and hold them to sit around the fire and enjoy what they enjoyed.
I am also privileged to have been able to get there to spend a week with them just to be around in a normal day in their life with no issues at hand no oh we have to get this done, we have to see that this issue is done, we have to sign these papers. Being able to go there just because we want to just because we care about our parents and when they go then we can’t say oh I should not have waited so long to get there or I could have easily just gone up for a weekend if I didn’t listen to someone else telling me it is too far or we have no money. It is far and we didn’t have money but somehow we made a plan, somehow my beautiful wife made a plan she knew it meant a lot to me. Thank you Ange for being there so much for me for understanding that although it was far and you had to drive and take off another day from work to get us there that you just did this for us you are amazing.
We had the most amazing trips getting there also we found a new road which is a nice road it will bring great memories when we drive up again and again to my strong father who will enjoy our company often in the many years we will share together at his beautiful place of safety and enjoyment. We will miss you mom but we will have great time there and we know you will be there with us always.

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