In my Life

In my Life

Dear mom

In my life, I have loved you with all of me
I have tried to be a good man always only because you said I must be
You showed me how and then you allowed me to be me
You would hug me and you loved me
You loved me always even when I made you angry
One kiss will stay with me forever
That one kiss will keep us together
If you need me to set you free
If that is your wish I will set you on your way
It is all going to be okay
You do not have to stay we will meet up another day
Until then just know we will always stay close
We will always be together forever
You gave me life a good life
Thank you, mom,
Thank you, every time, you made a sacrifice
You showed us all how to really live life
Your life lives in my life.

My mother is so strong even when her body is so weak she just fights on and on. We will never forget her fight and all her endless energy she hands out in heaps and bounds even now as she fights harder and harder for her own survival she just keeps on giving that’s my mom the strongest fighter I know.

Come on mom get up now come and join us just one more time.

We love you so much, come on mom you can do it.

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