Welcome to the Final Show

Welcome to the Final Show

Sitting in the lounge at my parent’s house on the farm a few months ago Ange, dad my mom and I cast our votes, who will be the final winner for it is a well-known television show and we are playing our own game-who can pick the winner? We will never know for Ange and I must leave early in the morning and we will all forget of the joy we shared this night as father time will swallow up the evening and hide its joy to be remembered later for another time.

My mom votes for Harry Styles-sign of the times, she absolutely loves this song. We think nothing of this and as time passes we all forget that my mom indeed won our little competition Beryl chose the winner she is victorious but we do not celebrate for father time has not given us the right to just yet. Now months later Ange and I are talking to my dad in the lounge my father talks to us in a soft compassionate voice he tells us he has heard a new song and he cries, he cries and cries for he says this song is an amazing song, this song reminds him so much of mommy it has the most deep and real life words and is just perfect, he says this is his song for beryl and she would have loved its deep and emotional words. We then ask dad to tell us for we would like to hear it he says it is number one on one of our radio stations and has been for three weeks now, Ange and I do not know of this song for the station is different to the one we listen to.

My dad tells Ange who the artist is and in a minute we are listening to the words thanks to Google, this song is amazing and it reaches deep into all of us strait into our souls. But wait says Ange I know of this artist we all do we played a game a month ago and your mom voted for Harry Styles to win and he did says Ange…wow so now father time has opened the vault and allowed us to reach in and remove this memory he has been safekeeping just for us just for this most perfect moment right here right now.

As life would have it the timing of us realizing the significance of this song is perfect it is right here right now as the three of us sit in a close ring on my beautiful mother’s birthday on this most amazing evening as we lift our glasses and cheer to an amazing woman who gave us everything. Moments of the past have being brought back to our minds a gift which will now live with the three of us forever my mom cannot share in this moment for it is all about her it is a moment for us and we will treasure it forever.  Thank you Ange for allowing the vault door to be opened on this special evening and for allowing all of us to create new memories which we will keep forever now, we love you so much.

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One thought on “Welcome to the Final Show

  1. i have such happy memories of times with your mum. she was always full of fun and together with other friends we lost inhibitions and sang and danced and generally had a great time. I haven’t seen her for some time and can only hope she will make a recovery soon. our thoughts are with you and nicole and donovan and of course your dad. it is so hard to see someone so special struggling as she is but we are all praying in our own way. xxx

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