TBI and I Will Conquer New York

TBI and I will Conquer New York

Whilst training for the New York marathon I hit a wall a big one, my lungs were straining from an infection and this put an end to my training, for three weeks I tried to run but could not. Then I had to get home from rehab the other day I had left my phone at home and I was alone everyone had left the rehab center only I was left all alone, I called my wife from the centre but there was no answer I knew Ange was in a meeting so I did not want to call her again I also did not think to call Liezel or Clint for they are the ones that help Ange and I on a Wednesday by sending their driver to collect me. I just did not think which my new normal is now but I did know someone would have come to fetch me soon but I just felt sad and lonely the whole world felt sad and alone I just did not want to be a charity case so I decided to run home. I took matters into my own hands to show all that I can and I will.

Run forest run…………………………………………….. And so I ran and ran down Bompas road into Oxford street past the Hyatt hotel over the highway  another three kilometers and I was entering African street and then I was home and inside I could now relax I started feeling good I had gotten home on my own which was an amazing feeling I felt as if there was hope for me I felt an amazing feeling of joy and freedom, I did it and I knew I would there was no more fear just jubilation But then there was a missing feeling that of weasing and pain sounds of a doves cry was not there it was the sounds of my lungs which had been left in that quiet, cold place my lungs were healing I ran home without the pain of infection perhaps my get up and go spirit got up and left the infection alongside the road perhaps in Oxford road or on that cold pavement outside Headway.

Perhaps I had overcome my feeling sorry FOR myself and had just kicked this infection in the butt told it if I am running home you had better not be my Achilles heel you had better get the hell out of here and be gone with you so I believe it did it got out and ran like the wind.

With all that sorted now I had to stop the search party and let Ange know I am safe and sound at home and all is good also apologise for my behaviour. What behaviour this will happen again, yes I do not fully understand but I have to venture out into the world if I fall I will pick myself up if I get lost I will find my way if I do not do this I will never know my abilities.

I certainly do know that I am back to training for the marathon and I do know I will finish in less than six hours and I will not get lost and I will show the world that TBI is not lonely and afraid it is strong and powerful I will show the world that we are the strongest humans out there.

Please help get me to the New York marathon a small donation, for a company it is tax deductible help me to help others I am representing TBI I am a voice.





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