A New Day Will Dawn

A New Day Will Dawn

Saturday morning early before the sun rises my wife and I will be on our way to visit my parents they live deep in the South African bush it will be a five hour trip. Our trip will be broken into two sections the first part will be to get to Tzaneen this is where my beautiful mom is she has been struck down her body is broken and the doctors are trying their hardest to get her strong again. My mom has been in ICU for a while now her injury has been taken care of but her body is refusing to get up and so day by day we wait for better news. My strong father drives over a hundred kilometres each day to visit my mom, I do not know if my mom knows he is there for she is very sick if she does open her eyes whilst dad is sitting by her side there is not much response this tells me a sad story that of life for life in its simplicity is life and death.

Ange and I will drive up and visit my mom we will hold her hand and talk softly to her we will try to get a small response and try to encourage her to get up and go home to the love of her life for my father is also hurting he is a strong and proud man but he hurts just like we all do. Our main purpose  is to not only visit my dear mother but to visit my father too for although he is strong he is still my dad and I would like to see that he is good and perhaps we can help him by just spending a couple of nights there with him.

Each morning I post a picture of the sunrise I try look for the nicest sunrise I can this is for my mom this is my way of being as close as I can to her also to not forget how she is fighting so hard to get back to us. I need this as I do not have too many emotions which I can feel for some reason my TBI took away all these from me, I also post a sunrise to tell my mom that a new day will dawn and everything will be okay. Now whilst visiting my dad I can take many more sunrises and when my mom is well I will keep sending them to face book to remind me of what got me through a tough time so each day as the sun rises I can say “a new day will dawn and everything will be okay” come on my dearest mom get up and get strong we miss you dearly.


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5 thoughts on “A New Day Will Dawn

  1. Thinking of you Bevan, and wishing your Mom a speedy Recovery.. Keep those Sunshine pics going x

  2. We are all sending positive and loving thoughts to Beryl, Thomas and the whole family whilst here in the UK with Nicole. Lovely words. Stay strong xxxx

  3. Thank you Trent i appreciate and will use all that positive energy you hand out so freely. Good man.

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