Everything Will Be Ok

Bevan Oschger | On my way to New York City Marathon

Everything will be ok

One of my shirts I have made with a positive saying branded in bold black ink, well actually this is half the saying I just ran out of time and patients and could not complete all of it. The full saying is: Everything will be ok I have found a way.

One evening as Ange lay on the couch watching her favorite cooking channel I decided to start on a new T shirt well it would be my first one where I will have to do the art work. One of my ideas I have is that I could print T shirts and use them to create awareness for TBI at least this is one avenue to venture into just to keep me busy and also to get me ready to be able to spend my weeks working. I guess this is reintegration into a society which I need to be adapted to just to be able to spend my weeks in a work environment. So I start on the art work for my new shirt idea I manage to find a black marker I start marking my shirt and start with the permanent marker eventually I stand up to go get my cup of coffee for it is tiring work and takes so long I have many sayings which are ready for printing, most of them are from my good friend Jason’s artistic mind but tonight I decided to do this one myself. So I stand up and I see for the first time that the saying is actually complete; EVERYTHING WILL BE OK…I get my coffee and look down on the ‘T’ shirt it is just how it should be. LOOKING

This post is the start of my mission to raise funds for me to get to the New York marathon I need funds to pay for my Bio Kinetics, clothing, air flights, accommodation and general preparation  my Bio Kinetics warrior Justin Jeffery organised an entry into the marathon through Achilles running club, now I need to raise funds for I have run dry and my wife pays for everything else which is difficult as I cannot work and have not for two years. I am going to New York to complete the marathon not only for me but for all people who have fallen to a TBI I will speak to ordinary people about TBI to create awareness to tell the world that we are as ordinary as they are we just have been injured and are healing and that they should not be scared of us, I will be asking all my friends to please help me to get up again to please help me with a small donation so that I can be a voice for TBI to show all that I am strong and now I can give back to society. By helping me I can help others to get up and be strong again I can’t change the world but if I can change one life, get one broken person strong again I would have made a difference and for me and those who will help me it can make such a difference.

Thank you all who have done so much already please help me get to New York.


Let’s get Bevan to the New York Marathon

Personal message

I am Bevan Oschger. Whilst travelling home from work one evening on my motorbike I was involved in a hit and run. This has left me with a severe traumatic brain injury. I am unable to work or drive but I refuse to allow this injury to get me down. I get up each morning to live another day with passion. I love life and want to inspire and motivate others.

Through many months of rehabilitation, I was referred to Justin Jeffrey for Biokinetics, Their aim is helping neurologically injured people reach their physical goals, helping a person realize their full potential, and regaining as much self-sufficiency as possible.

My mission was to walk to Cape Town to raise funds to pay for my rehab and medical bills, Justin suggested something even greater. Through Justin’s running club, Achilles, they invited me to do the New York marathon in November 2017. Achille’s mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events. Their main objective: bring hope, inspiration and better the lives of people with disabilities, physical and psychological.

I want to give this invisible injury a voice, be an ambassador for TBI, to tell and show everyone that TBI survivors are as ordinary as the person next to you and that we have survived, we are strong and our fight is a difficult one but we will make it.

Please help me get to New York city with my caregiver to realise this dream.


Name Comment Date Amount
Jason Sklar You are truly an inspiration. We are all so proud of you. May 30, 2017 R 500.00
Stacey Bevan and Ang you guys are amazing. You will get to go to NEw York May 30, 2017 R 514.10
Linds Bevan, Ange, u r both amazing, truly inspirational! New York is the best! Enjoy x May 29, 2017 USD $ 81.41
Tanya dos Santos You and Ang are an inspiration to us all. Good luck with the training and enjoy the race. May 16, 2017 R 205.64
Steve Pile Great challenge Bevan! Go for it mate. May 14, 2017 R 514.10
Me Go for it Ang and Bevan-you can do it!!! May 14, 2017 R 1 374.02
Trent Gunther Go for it my brother , I know you can do this May 13, 2017 R 1 028.20

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Donations to date

R 5 188.02

Fundraising target

R 65 000.00


Give TBI a voice

I want to give this invisible injury a voice, be an ambassador for TBI, to tell and show everyone that TBI survivors are as ordinary as the person next to you and that we have survived, we are strong and our fight is a difficult one but we will make it.

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