In a Dream

it seems this could be the start of my fourth book, my first is complete just trying to figure out who and how to get it published, i am excited i feel this one will be good.

In a Dream

My day was difficult and tiring I had achieved more today than what I had expected to – so much more but now I am home and tucked quietly into bed lying close to the love of my life I had eventually arrived well into the still quiet night, a cold night for it was mid-winter and the wind was restless as it crept through the wooden framed windows as if there WERE voids everywhere almost as if my head had a large hole in it and I could not close it.

Deep into the winters evening as I lay fast asleep I was touched gently but eerily on my cheek I opened an eye in curiosity for I knew whoever had touched me was not of this world as I could feel the emotions of this figure passing right into my soul. With one eye slightly opening I stared deep into the cold heart of the grim reaper he was now paying me a visit, he had come to take me along for a journey he had come to collect. Why then did I feel all his emotions this could not be right and I was not afraid as he was the one carrying the heavy weight of fear and compassion heavily on his shoulders so I gently asked him why has he come to seek my advice and why will he not be escorting me on my journey? He lowered his dark head and spoke quietly in confusion he spoke to me as if we had known each other all our lives his words were strong and exciting but he was sad and scared for he said that he had made a mistake as tonight he had been too eager to close this matter. What matter I asked in confusion for I knew he would turn up at some stage in my life, not now but soon so what matter and what was going on?

Speaking quietly and with compassion he told me that he had been assigned to me he told me that he was the one who would be taking me further on my journey. He had now been waiting for many years to lead me to where I should go but I had evaded him many times, so he was now frustrated and curious but this night now he felt me pass into the dark abyss and knew it would eventually be his time to shine, to perform his duties he was now eager to collect and so he was on his way but for some unknown reason I had pulled myself out again, how he did not know but I did and so he had come to collect nothing again! He said that he had stood over me many times to collect but I had refused to leave for I had not yet completed my current journey. He then spoke of my strength and my ability to deny him of his one great task he had been assigned to complete so now we were at a standoff and he knew that I would not allow him to depart with his trophy not allow him to complete his one task it seemed there was now a problem a big one, he had now failed in his one task and the living had now seen his face, had looked deep into his fiery eyes and had not been afraid so where to from here…

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