A Soldiers Sacrifice

A Soldiers Sacrifice

A soldiers sacrifice… just think about those words I mean really think of the depth of this it is so deep  for me it says your life may be at its end soon so your time here is over, your life as you know it may not continue anymore. This amazing song is sung by my great friend Jason who plays all sorts of musical instruments but his love is the guitar and wow can he play his talents are amazing and his voice is so special it is inspiring and true.

Jason and I have sat many a night around a camp fire with friends or in a pub in South Africa just listening to this beautiful song and many like it, many which he has written and composed from the depths of his being deep, deep down lies many a great song this musician is so talented he is a great artist and will leave a void once he departs from this earth as we know it. Jason is in the USA at the moment he has been invited to spend time with a great musician he has also had the privilege to play in a couple of great spots in New Orleans whilst there I am sure he will enjoy this, just enjoy the response a band gets whilst sharing their talent for in SA they are not fully appreciated.

Jason was an Idols winner in South Africa and has opened for the Eagles in Monaco I wish him the best in the USA he will enjoy it I am sure of that I also hope his talents are spotted and he can continue his musical career I wish my good friend the best.

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