Inspired by Hope


Inspired by Hope

Inspiration comes to us in many forms which-ever way it comes to you take it, take it with both arms and hold it tight for it is a gift, a simple gift free of charge it may come as a simple small unwrapped present or from a great warrior who brings strength and hope there is no simple answer for how one is inspired it just is.

I get tremendous inspiration from ordinary people at rehab who themselves have been knocked down by the invisible injury but they refuse to stay down and fight hard to get up and become strong again. My beautiful wife Ange is an inspirational treasure chest for me Ange is just such a strong lady who herself was knocked down hard when the love of her life lay lifeless for many hours after a bad hit and run accident Ange stood tall and fought hard for my recovery, she pulled me back from the clutches of death, Ange makes me strong each day. Her battle was not over after she had sat by my side everyday whilst I spent a couple of months deep in a coma actually it was about to begin for TBI is not an injury which heals fast it is slow and tiring not for me but for Ange, Ange feels all the pain I have she feels it so much deeper so much.

Ange gives me hope each day my amazing wife has the most amazing way of strengthening me when I am down I don’t even know I am down or WHAT is hurting  but Ange does Ange knows everything about me she can tell in a split second that there is a problem and then in her own way will lift me up. Ange showed me a phrase the other day a phrase somebody had written down it was all about hope how strong this word is, how inspiring it is to her. Ange inspires me, lifts my spirits in a heartbeat and give me hope Ange completes me Ange is my inspiration Ange is my hope.

Thank you Ange for all you do for me you are the one person in my life I cannot be without you are my bank manager, nurse, driver, medical aid rep, physiologist, mediater, running partner, caregiver but most of all the love of my life, my hope.

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