Headway Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Twice a week I spend the day at Headway along with many other warriors who have been knocked down and now live with a TBI of some sorts we are all so strong and we all know how to really enjoy life. Headway is an amazing community based rehab centre started by three strong women to allow every individual even the ordinary person who has fallen to get some affordable help they need. I get so much more from Headway than what I expected in reality for myself it is actually all the people there that help me the most with my injury the injured helping the injured to get strong again and by doing that they too are strong.

My new friends are the strongest people I have ever met they are unbreakable and they hand out energy freely and in heaps and bounds to everyone around them they are all real special they get so much out of life and have an incredible amount of truthful ways about them which is quite difficult to find in the outside world. Strange as it may sound that this would be the place where I could talk to a person and get an honest response just the plain simple upfront truth.

I have made so many friends at Headway I am truly blessed and thankful for this, I look forward to my Mondays and Wednesdays as if I am now going on holiday it is as if I am young again and I can really rely on all these friends I look up to them they inspire me. Thank you Jayne with a Y, Anton, Roxy, Rui (aka the blue monster) Helena, Nana, Sipiwe, Brian, Ted, Tebogo, Soekie, Laurence aka the pie man and all the rest of you in my class you have a deep effect in my life I wouldn’t want to change this but I know it will so as you all travel further on your road remember you guys helped a man to get up and get strong enough to travel his own road with strength. You helped him find  himself again.

Please to all of you remember this is a center with strict rules and discipline so please bring more blue monsters and your good spirits so we can laugh out loud and get a chance every now and then to break the rules.



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2 thoughts on “Headway Group Therapy

  1. Great article. Well written and insightful. Keep moving forward Bevan!

  2. I am inspired every day as I witness the courage and determination of our attendees. There is often fun and laughter despite disabilities. I salute you all!

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