TBI the Invisible Injury Always Around

TBI the Invisible injury

So did you find what you were looking for? Very similar to my invisible injury always there you just do not see it. There is something wrong with this person but YOU just don’t know what it is maybe he is a drinker and he is continuously drunk? Similar to ordinary people you keep on looking for something which you actually have never lost in the first place. It seems that in life many of us keep looking for something which is missing, we keep looking but never find what we are looking for but we just search longer and harder. Meanwhile it is right in front us all the time it has been there for a long time we just spent a lot of our life wasting time until one day our eyes opened and we saw so clearly what we have been missing half our lives.

Nothing!  We saw nothing but our eyes were now for the first time open… we just fail to see the real person, the real you was right there just waiting for you to see yourself as you are you have been just the way you should be. I have an invisible injury it is called TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury I just think it is a nice name for brain damage, I had never heard of TBI in my life ever- well not that I know of but I have heard of brain damage. ‘Don’t talk to that guy he fell hard on his head and now he is brain damaged’. What a croc of shit, seriously yes I have TBI but you know what, I am more alive than a lot of people I have met and know, more alive and more intuitive than so many people who have no pain or issues upstairs, I know about having a hard day… you think you had a real bad day because the traffic was hectic this morning and you forgot to fill up before the petrol price went up  so you could save a bit of money before the next time you have to refill the tank. Yes you had a bad day I have a bad day every day there is always something lurking in the dark corner just waiting to pounce… this is just fine though for I am so much stronger now than what I was a few years ago I now fight off the demons each day they try and will try harder every time to knock me down but they will not I stand up and face them again and again. I stand up because I know me, the real me.


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