A New Day Will Dawn II

A New Day Will Dawn II

… Continued from previous blog. See how quick a day goes by it is a new day already, the intense pain of yesterday will eventually go away. Please live today as today don’t wish it away it will be okay. I can vouch for this my life has certainly changed completely I live now as a different man – the same but different I would not wish the day of my accident away I have grown strong from my accident I am stronger now than what I was two years ago. I am learning to adjust to each day it is difficult but I just try.

Strength comes in different forms, I have many weak parts of me which I am trying to fix most of these are emotionally based they attack me as if I am down and now all my enemies are jumping on me all at once to try to finish me off. Sadly I am not the only victim of all the bullying from my broken brain the one who gets the greatest beating is my wife, I am sad and broken for I am the one beating myself and my most beautiful woman up. Emotional blows come from all sides I do feel these blows they are hard and sore but I cannot give in and I will not give up I will just fight harder.

I know easier said than done but I have to fight, I fight as my beautiful mom fights fight, fight, and fight. I DID know life will now be difficult, well I have been told over and over again from many therapists how hard life for me is now but my brain does not allow me to understand all these emotions. My brain lets me have a minute or two a day to ponder about deep thoughts just a few moments is all I get and most times I do not realise they are there so I miss the times I have to think clear often so when I realise I am in clear thinking time there are so many emotions backed up I just get confused. I will fight harder to understand me as hard as I have to.

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