TBI Stronger Than Life

TBI Stronger Than Life

Imagine a world where a human’s body will heal from all injuries moments after the tragedy struck their strong but frail bodies, imagine we all walk around with no limp, no brain injury, no support from our loved ones now our caregiver…imagine wow!

I do not really think of this scenario too often I suppose it is just my brain keeping me strong or guiding me further helping me fight each and every day just to be able to get to bed at ease to now be able to get some well-deserved rest. Okay skip the rest part for I do not sleep much and I refuse to take a tablet to knock me out but I do appreciate life and I am thankful for each day even if it is difficult I just love life. In my mind I have accepted my life, my injuries are just part of who I now am I have taken my knock in life and I am using it to make me stronger. I know I am extremely lucky I know there are many TBI warriors just struggling to live, just struggling to get through an ordinary day hoping that there will not be another day as today and each day after the tragedy struck hoping the noisy pain shall just be gone in whichever way it presents itself – imagine…

How then would we be able to see a person rise above the tragic knock they have had in life to get up to live as good as they can to be able to help others, how would our fantastic caregivers have become so strong without our injury – imagine…

We can find strength anywhere for us though we had no other option just our broken brain I will not allow my broken brain to break me, I will stand tall and use this to help another I am living my life the best I can and I am strong, stronger than before for I am alive very alive.

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