A New Sun Brings New Opportunities

A New Sun Brings New Opportunities

Easy to talk about how a new sun can or does bring new opportunities but if a person is in a bad place they will just not be interested in this thought which you now bring to them as just a little bit of an inspirational gift from a caring heart as you may see that they need something to uplift them. But in truth I believe it does as you can witness the new sun rising or see a new day when you rise and therefore you are alive so this new day you wake up to you can try to mend or change yesterday’s thoughts or mistakes so that today can be better.

It is a life lesson to learn from your mistakes of yesterday so that today then may bring new opportunities maybe today you will not make the same mistakes of yesterday and if you do as you will you can still know that one day you may learn from those continuous shortfalls perhaps a great lesson will be and it could only be learned if this great mistake was made many times over for you to actually understand this lesson properly. However yesterday worked out it really does not matter for when I see or wake up to a new day, a new sun I believe that today is great and ahead in my road lies new opportunities. I also could feel down and sorry for myself as I now cannot leave my home I have to have a caregiver, I cannot drive, work….bla, bla, bla so what I was knocked down hard in my life from no fault of my own I could blame others or the world and be sad but I will not, I will not be sad and full of negative thoughts I will believe that a new sun will bring new opportunities a new morning will be great even if I know today will be hard I will still try to get just one great moment from it and perhaps carry that great moment with me into the future just because I can and will.


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