TBI the Life I Live is Just Fine

TBI the Life I Live is Just Fine

This post is dedicated to a special lady I recently met in a hospital whilst I was visiting my dearest mom who herself has fallen and is now fighting the hardest battle of her life for survival. My mother will survive as she has gotten through the worst I feel she has won the battle and will win the war which my father shall fight alongside her he will be there right by her side as he always has now though he shall also wear the caretaker hat. Now I meet a strong lady she sits quietly beside her son all day- everyday she would like to speak to me to say hi to a man who bears the invisible scar which her son will now wear.

We talk and talk or I think I just talk but the strong lady listens deeply to every word I blurt out I see her eyes taking in all my stories and listening to me with deep passion of how my life is now. I know what this worried mother needs it is hope that her son will recover from his horrific time in the ICU ward and that he will be just fine; he will be fine he is alive and now he is a warrior he has a superpower and he just needs to understand  and accept this. With his strong mother and close family he will be great. I do not think of my words as I am telling her how my life has changed I just talk and talk it is only now that I try to think  of what I said and hope that I did not offend her.

TBI is difficult it is hard it is painful it is lonely it is tiring it is hard on your loved ones it is everything a person’s life was not seconds before your brain was jolted from its protective shell but it is working and you are alive. We will not give up we will get better in fact the moment our brain suffered a blow and was knocked down it started healing and grows stronger each day it gets up to be stronger so much stronger. I accept we shall never be the same person as we were before but we are alive and I believe we are privileged to have been given another gift which only we can understand that is to experience a different style and understanding of life now, a new chance and our eyes are now wide open. Everything will be okay we just find a way.


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