Superpowers a Boy and I Share

Superpowers a Boy and I share

I do not know your name or your pain I do not know of your mothers pain all I know is that somehow you will be okay you have to be this is your life now, yes you have changed and you may not remember all of you… from now you will always carry a constant reminder of how close you actually came how life turned you upside down in a moment too quick to even know or understand it had changed just an instant and now you are forced to be another to walk with the invisible scar that of TBI.

Life for you now is definitely not the same as the man you knew that man was struck down he was cast away into the deep dark cold abyss and left to go on his journey to nowhere but yet here you are broken and in pain but you turned down your forced exit you stood tall before the taker of life and chased him far away this tells me that you are not an ordinary man you are extraordinary you now have a superpower. You were strong enough to survive so now you should accept who you are stand proud, walk tall get through each and every day – no matter how hard it gets it is never hard enough. Besides it was your choice you chose to survive, beating a brain injury takes super human strength take this injury and hold it close to you make this injury your power, your strength show the world that this will not break you but will guide and strengthen you.

My sister Nicole had recently spoken to a mom whose son lies restless in the ICU ward very close to my dear mothers bed Nics asked me if I could just gently talk to her about TBI and maybe give my advice or share knowledge well I shall gladly try my best for this is actually something I know too well TBI is my superpower; Know that the road you are now on is difficult and is scary it has many blind rises, dangerous curves and the surface is filled with deep potholes so whilst you travel alongside your son be wary of the continuous dangers and drive under the speed limit at all times other than that the road is the same road everyone will travel we just seem to not be able to read the road and warning signs therefore for us TBI survivors it is extremely complicated but we are just all ordinary people living ordinary lives… Oh and by the way we have superpowers.

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One thought on “Superpowers a Boy and I Share

  1. You came and spoke to me this morning. I was so full of questions and all sorts of emotions. You were sent to to give hope and you are an absolute inspiration to me. You gave me hope and calm to know not everything will be ok but also different and that he is alive and that he has superpowers from now on. I know the road ahead will be difficult and I have accepted the challenge. Thank you for taking time to speak to me.

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