TBI is my Strength

TBI is my Strength

Recently I had been given the opportunity to be part of a lecture and possible speak to a university class in South Africa for a five minute introduction of myself as a person bearing the TBI injury part of Justin Jefferies lecture he is my bio kinetics therapist and regularly lectures at this South African university I said of course I will but I had not thought about accepting this proposal at all I just said yes as this is what I feel I can now do in my life as a career to be able to inspire young minds and to be a spokesman for TBI I have TBI that is not going to change in the near future well actually it will never change I am now who I am now. Inspiring someone unknown brings an immense amount of satisfaction and there is no satisfying moment until an unknown mind tells you of your inspiration or an email is received thanking you of how you had inspired someone unknown. Wow what a moment joy overwhelmed me I was taken to such an incredible place which I had never really known since my accident or ever really.

AS part of my TBI I have very slight understanding of emotions my emotions keep themselves hidden almost as if in a sealed packet like a lucky packet once opened suddenly there are all these wondrous gifts displayed in all different forms to understand them I need to unwrap each individual gift but the problem with this is I forget the feelings of the last unravelled gift as soon as opening the next. Recently though there is a difference in my understanding of all these emotions they are staying a while and are allowing me to really start to understand them they are blessing me with their power and allowing me to be satisfied with great feelings. Life is such an emotion one can use life to create and learn of new and awesome emotions one can make their own life as simple or complicated as they would like to. In my recent rebirth as I call it I learn each day of new feelings some of these are heavy or bad emotional conundrums but they are still feelings and emotions needed to understand me so I accept them and hopefully will allow the lighter warmer feelings to be closer and more pert of the new me.

As Ange read an email I received aloud I felt all these new welcoming feelings sinking deep into my soul this was a moment of great joy and the greatest part of these new emotional gifts were that they are still here within me helping me to understand me helping me to live in a great warm place.

Thank you for that whoever you are and actually thank you Justin for believing in me for allowing me to be part of your lecture and knowing that I could bring something good for others to use thank you for all the joy you bring to others who have fallen hard in life and now need and enjoy your strength that you hand out freely in huge amounts.



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