My Life Has Just Begun

My Life has just begun

I woke this morning turned to the west and glanced through the open window the sun was moments away from exposing its life giving rays and sending warm energy deep into my soul my timing seemed to be perfect I had slept through the night for the first time this year and now rising as the sun rose gently from the rough horizon in the Lowveld bush seemed inspiring and deep. What a great view of the new day today is special as if my life had just begun.

Many people are confused about my injury they do not understand or know of TBI which is very ordinary I had never ever heard of TBI before and now I live it. Well people meet me and do not know I have TBI and why should they there are no scars visible on my head they are there but they hide behind a curtain of hair. There is one man who is a friend of mine who sees me the real me he looks at me for who I am not as a man who has fallen hard and lives with a broken brain he does not tip toe around me and is not afraid of my injury he is so much more than a friend he is part of me we are part of each other and we have journeyed together a long time longer that we even know we have met many times before in different bodies. I see this man this great strong man who gives me so much I feel safe with him and I appreciate all that he does for me he is not worried about my injury it does not bother him he just cares for his friend so he goes out of his way to give me I little something even if it is a drive for an hour just some time to talk and experience a bit of good friendship.

I live each day as a new day now I wake up early many hours before the warmth of a new sun appears once the suns amazing rays warms our hearts and awakens the rest of us I have lived long already and life is great, I am strong and ready for an ordinary day whatever will happen today is generally new to me and I appreciate all that lies before me. I am now aware of new memories the yesterday which for so long now was filtered into the dark abyss is now appearing in my new day the day I live and breathe has now memories of a forgotten yesterday more and more memories of yesterday appear which is good news as the white matter in my front left lobe of my brain has agreed to allow pathways to be opened so those memories can pass through that broken, damaged area and can be brought alive from another area of my brain. So even though I have part of my brain which now no longer works it is okay as I have found a way a new pathway.

Sunday  the 7th I run a marathon, the first in my life I will run as far as possible and I will challenge myself I will show me that I am strong so much stronger than my broken brain the Wings of Life marathon will be my platform for me to be strong my goal is to make five kilometres so I shall see me there on that road it will not be a lonely road for my most amazing wife and I shall start together we may end our race in different times but we will be together and we shall have our own goals but later that day we will hold each other tight and will feel each other’s strength, also I know there will be plenty pain but I know that if there is pain then you will know that you are truly alive and all is good.





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