A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a day with friends and family this weekend Ange and I drove down to Hoedspruit to say hi to my parents and to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It takes a lot for us to drive six hours for there are all sorts of problems which could arise Ange has to keep her passenger calm and concentrate on driving not easy when TBI is the passenger also that I used to drive wherever we went and Ange was the sleeping beauty next to me whilst I drove us safely to our destination now though our life has changed and so it is a challenge for the both of us to even leave our home.

We arrive safe in the bush on the Elephants river and today there is a treat for me we will all drive a few kilometres down to a good friend of mine they also have a spot in the reserve right on the river Trent is here with his mom we used to occasionally meet here and get up to no good. Trent and I were in school together we were a good team the two of us, I enjoy his company so it will be real good to see him again I have been so worried I do not recognise him.

My dad drives us to the Gunther’s amazing spot on the river as we drive in I glance to my left and I recognise Trent immediately his adventurous eyes and face are the same as I remember I feel at ease now I was worried as all the people I now meet up with have changed so much I battle to recognise them even though I have known them all my life. We all greet each other and I now remember that Trent has a twin sister Lauren I recognise her too we were in the same class in school the day now is so great  all these familiar faces so welcoming and happy their whole family is there all the kids wow. We sit down to share a beer and talk of good times I meet Laurens husband Lauro I have never met him before but his face is so friendly and I really feel a connection to him, their son shakes my hand with a good strong handshake. We are all enjoying the great atmosphere and good food biddy has spread out for us such a special lady when Lauro walks up to offer a beer and I now cannot hold in anymore so I comment on his great happy vibe when Trent tells me that I do know this man in fact we were both in school together now we all burst out in laughter wow I knew there was something about him.

Time ticks away the bright warm sun starts fading and so we must now get back to Drakensig the day spent with such amazing people was truly so special I felt a great happy vibe there with so many vibrant faces all the kiddies in the bush away from cell phones and the hustle of Johannesburg it is special to see such an amazing family having fun and enjoying the greatness of nature. Thank you Trent for being a good friend and welcoming us to your mom’s beautiful home thank you to all the Gunther’s for sharing the day with us I will remember this day all my life.

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One thought on “A Perfect Day

  1. It’s only a pleasure and privilege for me always , I enjoyed it too and we had a few good laughs, I will be in touch soon , keep up your good work you are an inspiring person

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