Fifty Strong

Fifty Strong

I have heard them argue about financial issues, I have heard them arguing over simple issues but most of all I have heard them whispering to one another how madly in love they are. For fifty years they have stood by each other’s side through thick and thin through life. My mom and dad have now been married fifty years…WOW!

Fifty and  strong life is truly amazing if we just stand back for a while and smell the roses quite amazing what beautiful scents  are freely released from the wonderful gifts that life brings. Imagine being able to share the most beautiful smells of a garden with the one you love for fifty years that is a blessing filled with love. I want that and I want my kids to have that too I want them to know that life has its ups and downs but no matter how hard it gets there is always a warm place right beside your love of your life.

I understand that marriage is testing at times it is a bond two people have to really work at to make last to make wonderful it is a new and unknown road to travel on and once on that road it has real scary and challenging moments but the rewards are a gift one of the great gifts of life. The road you both travelled alone was your own there were no sharp bends and blind rises you could not negotiate but now every turn is a danger every rise is obscured and dangerous for you have two hearts to look out for and if one is broken two shall feel the pain. At times the mist closes in the open vastness of the great scenic drive and you become afraid there are two of you on the journey on your great adventurous voyage there are no other vehicles around and now the mist has completely blocked your view, suddenly now life is scary but it is actually so amazing.

There is good news on this journey there are two of you who really love each other and would do anything to protect and keep the other safe so the road is scary and dark at times but there is a great bright light shining from two hearts beating as one, guiding and protecting each other along this most exciting journey. Two are one and the strength they now share is so much stronger than their individual strength ever was and for them this is now how they just want life to be. That was fifty years ago when the journey first began nothing has changed maybe there is one change… the bright light which shines with their own energy source just burns brighter and brighter. So as the mist tries to close in there wonderful scenic view they are enjoying their bright warm light glows brighter and brighter and the mist lifts to reveal their great journey and they see that they are still on their awesome scenic road which they chose to travel together and are happy and safe.

Happy fiftieth Anniversary mom and dad have a great day and a great journey.




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