A Time to Celebrate

A Time to Celebrate

Celebrating a birthday with friends is special we all know that…do we truly know how special it is though do we take time to really think of all the greatness that person does for others? I took birthday parties for granted it was another party where the alcohol was the big event where we drank beer and cheered until the beer ran dry party, party, party yes it was a great celebration everyone was happy especially the one celebrating even though there were constant moans and grunts regarding the rapid slide of the youthful body. Time yields for no man or woman and why it should after all it is a privilege to grow old it is truly special and adventurous.

Wednesday morning on our way to headway Ange tells me she has signed the indemnity form and said have a great day enjoy the outing and lunch – what outing I ask and what forms huh? I know of no such outing but Ange knows so all is good Ange drops me off and goes on her way for an honest day in the office. So we get on our way to a coffee shop for one of our sessions, we will be walking as a group eleven of us shall negotiate the wonderfully maintained sidewalks of Hyde Park it is a short walk to a coffee shop Tina is our therapist and will be guiding us there wow this will be interesting. Tina is a special person we are blessed to have her in our lives she hands out so much to us and shares her valuable time freely in heaps and bounds. We arrive safely at our destination and all is good I was quite impressed how we all pulled together and helped each other. As group of people who cheated death and just battle to get to the bathroom in the evenings a walk to a coffee shop a few hundred meters away should have been a nightmare from a feature movie but it was great and really fun I am super impressed with all of us I think the walk for our day out the office was half the fun. Once we are all seated Tina tells us that today is her birthday and she is spoiling us this is her treat there won’t be dancing on the tables for this celebration we all sit together in a group and enjoy this most awesome day.

A while gently passes and I feel a cold drift of sadness float around me as my memories of all the birthday parties I have been to in my life are lost, they have disappeared they too have found their way to the dark abyss perhaps one day they shall reappear and bless me with the great moments been shared with friends and family I am not sad though for my life is not over it has just begun and today is time for joy and celebrations for I am surrounded by good people good friends. what an awesome time we are all having everyone at this table today only knows each other because they cheated death I would not have met any of these amazing people here if I had not found my way to Milpark hospital and spent months deep in a coma in the Oliver Tambo trauma ward I am not sad I am amazed at the great spirit we all have and how we all can appreciate a great day and celebrate the birth of the most awesome and warm woman who hands out energy and greatness freely.

Thank you Tina for your amazing spirit thank you for all the help and kindness you hand out Happy birthday Tina.


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