Not too Hungry Anymore

Not too Hungry Anymore

07h00 am I have completed my morning run at my bio kinetics centre, I had my third road runner getting me through today as we criss crossed Rivonia  Her name has now also run away by next week I will have it, we pushed hard to finish in good time as time is running out for me for I have to be in the great USA soon to really be tested. For the first time in my life I will be amongst forty thousand other athletes trying to complete the forty two kilometres in good time, well for me it will not be about the time but the completing of this huge mountain which I shall do for sure and I will not be walking it as a few people think I will run it in under six hours, that’s my goal according to my times now. I know there is a difference between five kilometres and forty two but I will do it I know I will not sure how but I will.

So I walk across the busy intersection over Rivonia road on towards my old rehab centre for a visit with my neuro Psychologist which is only 500 odd meters up the road there is no great danger for me ( yes Bevan no danger at all you just have to cross one of the busiest roads in the country.) Ange will meet me there in three odd hours’ time as she has dropped me off early to get back to work, Ange will be back to join me at at the head doctor as you know my injury affects her as it does me, in fact it actually affects her so much more than me, this silent injury called TBI is a real tough injury just because I look fine and there are no scars it does not mean there is no pain there is plenty pain all around me is pain and that pain now lands on my beautiful woman.

I am hungry and I remember at the main intersection there would be a place where I could get a quick breakfast I could sit down there to write a bit and just chill after all there is still three hours until the psychologist. So I get to this famous fast food outlet and I pay I think quite a bit for a small breakfast and a diluted what looks like coffee. I sit down next to this freaking CLOWN to fill my stomach I open this box and I cannot believe I am going to stuff this garbage down my throat, I am hungry and I have no taste or smell anyway so I just think how bad can it really be. So I start Scrambled egg first I have a plastic fork and knife, I cut as if this egg is the skin of a rhino and I swallow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow I think my taste buds just hit their ultimate low I know there is no taste I now taste by the texture of whatever is in my mouth and this in my mouth right now should be scrambled egg serious is this what this place has become, this food will not be good to eat if it were the last food on the planet I would not be able to survive too long on this.

Wow things have certainly changed the last time I walked into one of these food outlets I was still in good shape and I am sure the food was not this bad well maybe it was but after a case of beer it was good but now I have seen the light I am no longer drawn to this food wow I really cannot believe where has the quality gone seriously is this it – is this what we eat?



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