Friends will be Frinds

Friends will be Friends

I have many friends most of them I have never met but we are friends we have common interests and common problems we have so much in common it is really strange to think how we can actually be friends without even shaking hands it is unusual to be friends with a person you have never met before but still have two of the greatest interest or similarities ever… LIFE and DEATH.

Actually for me that would be the wrong order it is death and life, anyway my great friends I have live all around the world many of them in the great USA where I shall partake in the New York marathon in November and hopefully for the first time shall meet many of my new friends. Facebook tells me we are now friends and to be honest I would love to meet all these great warriors who fight a daily fight for survival and the return of their dignity. I have TBI and so do many of my friends I died many times but special people managed to bring me back time after time until I came back the same person but different. I injured my brain spent time in a coma in another place in another world and now I live with TBI. I am not really allowed to venture out the house even a walk to the nearby shops is risky for anything imaginable could go wrong and usually does the last time I walked to the hardware store I forgot the reason for my expedition and eventually arrived back home carrying two egg laying hens, which still wonder freely through our garden anyway. Well this is my reason for my many new found friends on Facebook I can still venture into their world for a few moments without leaving my home, I read all their stories good and bad and this allows me to feel great feelings of similar nature where I do not get in the outside world because for some reason we are now different and old friends are too scared to be around. I do get out twice a week I go to therapy for the day where I have met many great people we spend a full day talking and sorting out life’s complicated issues, we laugh and relearn how to now face a different lifestyle this brings great joy to me it fills my heart with love     my wife is happy she sees how happy I am that I have many friends.

When I read all the stories there is one common factor which comes up on a regular basis that of pain which medication are you on? Expensive and unknown are my thoughts to this question; is there not a more natural medication we could try? I knew a great man; he was a good friend who lived out his last fifteen years in pain and clamped to a wheelchair due to that monster called (MS) Multiple Spyros’s for him the best pain relief medication was marijuana. I witnessed first-hand of the great relief this brought him and I wonder why is there no company which furthers the effects of this great relief drug and why is it looked upon with so much controversy?

The sad thing is that if it wasn’t controversial then all hope for greatness dies and so then life does truly become death.

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