A Little Here a Lot There

A Little Here a Lot There



We give a little here we give a lot there giving is giving and certainly no return required or expected this is the way I feel it should be but in reality a person is looking for a return when going out of their way by helping or doing plenty for others. Just going through an ordinary day we all do so much without expecting or wanting a return, although deep in our subconscious we always want or need a return in life for whatever it is we do or are involved in be it a day at the office or a week in our daily life or just helping a friend we give and we receive. I feel we should give a lot and receive a little is this the way it should be? An awesome smile or a hearty thank you is the greatest reward we can receive from just helping or being nice.

I am a man who has had the privilege to survive death to survive a walk which no one would want to have to do, a walk on a tight rope stretched over a deep hot fire pit bubbling and boiling with an uninviting stench of hurt I was unaware I had to walk this tightrope but I did it I found the strength and willpower to get to the other side in one piece. Hurt but alive and now on the other side I have the ability to be able to see life in a different manner a manner in which I could not see before the walk of death. I now try to give a lot and take a little; I could take a smile that would be more than enough of a return for me. In fact that is what I really would like just a smile, a real smile that talks a thousand words of thanks.

For me now life is great as it was before my accident but now I can understand and appreciate the smaller deeds both in giving and receiving, deeds which would normally be swept aside or would pass me by unnoticed. I can take my TBI status I now carry with pride and use it to help or just give a small something to someone who needs a lift in life or even to just put a smile on a person’s face just because I can and will. I will also educate people about this silent injury which could be part of anybody’s life at anytime tell people to not tiptoe around us we are as ordinary as everyone is I am dedicating my life to educating all that humans with TBI are strong and able as the next person is

I will do a little here and a lot there.

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