Caught in a Whirlpool

Caught in a Whirlpool

Spinning violently and sinking fast I go deeper and deeper down, down to the cold, dark depths of the unknown abyss I have given up my fight for survival now as I am out of breath and the icy cold waters have closed me in moments before I lose consciousness all I am able to do is relax and feel the might of this monster as it swallows me whole I take my last breath and wish me good fortune on my journey to nowhere.

I awake in a strange place the calming white light puts my broken body at ease I feel free and there is a feeling of peace and tranquillity as a gentle whisper of the most amazing sounds float around my mind like butterflies playing in a brightly coloured garden as they search for pollinating flowers. Is this where the mighty monster has taken me to, is this where my life shall continue in this most amazing peaceful garden of joy? What is my role now and where are my demons which have fought so long and hard to knock me down at every opportunity they could with all their might to break me into a thousand pieces? Did they in fact break me and they have now led me here or were they not the demons I thought they were but actually guiding spirits of life protecting me always as I could not in fact see that I was on the wrong path. Perhaps I shall never know does it even matter for where I am now is what I have been looking for all my life anyway.

My new life as I knew it had begun the old life is a distant memory which in anyway is a lifetime away and not needed anymore for the life which I now have has no need for broken dreams or promises which I cannot keep, the life I now understand has meaning and has work to do work in a different manner a manner which I do not yet fully understand but know is there just waiting for the correct time for the right introduction. I now see a different road ahead of me that of giving and providing some kind of help in whichever way I can for whoever I can, I see a hard road ahead but a great road one which I will travel well the road ahead does not scare me and there is nothing hard about a tough road it will just make me stronger and build my character also as my good friend Jason would say ‘no matter how hard it gets it’s never hard enough’.

Headway is now a good place for me a good start for my journey I have so many great friends there people who do not judge me or tip-toe around me people who themselves have fallen most of them much harder than I did and also had the strength and courage to stand up again. By being there twice a week it allows me to understand myself so much better also it allows me to give so much to just be part of a group of people with superpowers is such an amazing feeling. I get so much goodness from all the ordinary people there they just hand out energy freely in heaps and bounds they are all heroes of mine they are all so strong and bring the most amazing fighting spirit with them. When they wake and prepare for the day ahead they are unaware of all the greatness they will do in the day they just get through the day with so much energy and fighting spirit they continuously bring so much to everyone around them.

I will not get caught in that whirlpool again I will fight each day even if the next day is so much harder it does not matter to me and the harder it gets it will never be hard enough.

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