Something Wrong With This Picture

Something Wrong With This Picture

Back to Bio I go where my body once again will be pushed to unknown places well seriously it’s not that bad and I enjoy the sessions but Jitem does like to stretch my body parts, well this is Bio Kinetics so the exercises I get there are good for me and I know that Jitem has been trained to do all he does to improve my muscle development after all he has studied hard to be where he is now and has been given a great opportunity at Justin Jeffrey’s practice. Justin is one of those humans that continue to help others, his practice focuses on brain and spinal injuries Justin is a top Bio Kinesis in the country well known and just gives all the time so I think whoever works under Justin is real privileged.

I walk into the training room on the Friday morning and there is something strange going on… there are three extra ladies all dressed alike and they are been spoken to by Jitem, I know what is going on in my mind I think it must be trainees here for a while to be taught by Justin. Jitem greets me and they turn around ‘hello Bevan’ they greet me in such a great manner. I am now told that the three girls will be here for a month or so all dressed in their Wits university attire they will be working under Jitem and I shall be one of their guinea pigs… Poor girls I think to myself shame do they know how much I can talk wow they are going to disappear after this lesson and never return after meeting their greatest challenge.

Bio Kinetics in my mind is an extremely difficult practice to be involved in the bios cannot come to work with troubles on their mind they have to come to work and give so much to the people they will be helping they have to leave all their troubles at home and be at their best as they have to give their best to get the ones who have been dealt a real bad hand in their life and now need these special people so much to get strong again. Whilst I am been trained and been taught to just complete simple tasks by my new team I cannot get rid of this most strange feeling I get each time I look up and see the new faces. I am now well into my first lesson and I have not stopped talking I do notice that Kendal the brunette lady is swapping places with the two blonde ladies Brittney and Ashleigh quite regularly and in the corner of my eye I notice Ange sitting one side with the most strange smile on her face there is something very odd going on here but I cannot work it out perhaps time will allow me to understand the weird feeling I have whilst training but mostly talking with my new team.

So the end is here my session has been successfully completed the three students have done a great job in helping me through the lesson I think their future holds greatness their path that they shall walk will be a great success. As we group together to say goodbye… suddenly as if a light has just been switched on I get it! I see what has been going on I now laugh with excitement and shout out but before I can shout out aloud of my new found understanding which has been weighing heavy on my shoulders everyone bursts out in laughter including Ange who has been laughing to herself throughout my lesson as they realise that I have for the first time seen what I have failed to see the whole time; there are three students and two of them are identical twins wow how could I not notice what has been right in front of me the entire time.

Ange and I leave happy and full of laughter I look back and the room is full of joy and good spirit this has been an amazing day. Thank you ladies for giving so much to those who need it most and understanding the huge weight you may have to carry in your journey. The students did return on my next visit they came back for more good on them.

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