Like a Moth to the Flame

Like a Moth to the Flame



Is there a difference between the moth and the flame one day both of them will  in anyway die and  again become part of the earth just part of our DNA, part of the greatness of life to be born again in another time as another maybe? Are you the moth that flies around freely looking for a place which brings warmth and safety always chasing the brightest, warmer light to make your home not knowing that the very home you seek may actually be your end? Or are you the flame that burns bright giving out warmth and safety staying in one place using up those very ones who seek out your warmth for fuel to burn brightly for the next visitor but also not knowing that very soon you too will burn out and just fade away to once again become eternal darkness, the same as the moth once again become part of the earth.

Whichever you may be is part of you, part of your identity both have greatness to them both are individually wired to be just how they are born so they now live as they are. I say this but perhaps I am wrong well in fact I am wrong as no feelings in this life are actually set in stone… or are they? Can a person really change who they are change the way they are wired?

I was that moth once I was the one looking, looking now though things have changed for me I have become the flame burning strong and safely in one place happy and content and giving warmth to those close to me. I had found the very warmth which I enjoy and love now a long time ago but I failed to realise or to actually appreciate what I had indeed found I guess it was just my character which took control of the lifestyle which I was familiar with the wiring within me which could not at that stage be rewired. At some point in our life we find a place which is good for us we just have to work that little bit harder to understand it. Change is  indeed hard and  we do go through our youth living and experiencing styles and mannerisms to suit us but do we really understand that there can be many different parts to our character I don’t think many of us do we have lived our lives to the way we felt was right and understood and for some of us it is hard to settle down and become the flame which most of us had been  continuously seeking for a great part of our life anyway. Whichever way we live our life it is up to us to make it great and poetic to either do or not to do it does not really matter it is up to us our choice. Try to have balance this way you may be able to see different parts of the you in you and understand that any which way is okay but sometimes you have to also see a place which is right for others too.

It may actually be that the moth and the flame were always deeply connected.- long before they met in another time another place.



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