Bucket List

Bucket List

The phrase bucket list to me is a list of wonderful, awesome or crazy things one would like to do before they die, I don’t like this saying as I take it that your life is near its end and now you would like to complete these great and wonderful adventurous ventures you have always dreamed about but for some reason they were put on the back burner or became the ‘oh not this year maybe next year we have no time and more important stuff to do first’. Well the next year there were problems and ten years later those problems took control of those bucket list adventures and they were never started and work took control of living and time took control of the body and so bucket number three has also been put aside for more important issues.

As we grow in our life we have other unique items which appear on our ‘bucket list’. I rename the ‘bucket list’ to my adventure pot I have an adventure pot, never really had one before but I suppose it is not a bad idea to have an adventure pot so I will make a list of certain adventurous things to do in my life which I share with my most amazing beautiful wife Ange.

See the northern lights from a white covered snow field.

Eat a hot dog from a busy street corner in New York City.

Drink vodka in the beautiful St Pietersburg.

Drink some wine on an estate in France.

Shop with Ange in Milan.

Backpack through Thailand.

Drive route 66 and visit the Grand Canyon

Drive for three months around back roads in South Africa.

Open or start a centre to help or give guidance to people who have fallen and struggle to get up again.


There are many more and I know that as life treats me to time here there will be changes and I shall add more to my list. These are in no particular order I will cross them off one by one as and when I can and I shall not wait ten years to do so in fact I have started planning my adventure pot already and there are many adventures I would like to do in my life. I am on one of them now which did not even make the list actually there are many which have not made the list and why should they for life for me now is one big adventure pot. A great part of my adventure pot is that it’s a dual pot both Ange and myself  would like to do very similar adventure pot items which Is so great. An adventure pot can costs money usually plenty of it I accept this and realise that in life we cannot always do or have what we want so we work harder to get to that required amount that we had budgeted for but each year that passes so the original budget is out dated and will not cover so we work even harder and before we know it we aren’t even living just working our asses off to do amazing holiday type adventures which in reality never transpire.

I believe we should try to get the best out of each and every day, this way we can enjoy our youth and live a great and full life having said this there is balance that we need without balance living goes pear shaped and eventually nothing will make sense or we just lose touch with ourselves and our family. Also when I say youth one can be sixty and still be young and youthful, I am still young and youthful when I turn one hundred I may be old so while I am young I will complete one of many adventure pot items not wait for the right moment…

Now is the right moment.




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