Welcome to Life Keegan

Welcome to Life Keegan

Humans are born unaware of life’s great challengers we grow strong all our life living and learning as we go. I would say that our teenage years present great challengers we do not fully understand until much older, we however do understand these awkward years once our children have successfully completed their own.

My son Keegan is about to start on his journey in life leaving his teenage years behind him I am proud of him and I look up to him for all the challengers he has had to face as a young man taking in the heavy weight of his father’s injuries, carrying his dad at such a young age has certainly given him so much strength. I know that the woman who chooses to spend her life with him at her side will be looked after in such an incredible manner that she will be truly happy and in good hands.

Thank you Keegan for all the greatness you do and have done for me and those close to you, I know that Cammy is also so lucky to have such a great and strong brother right by her side always. Keegan you will be twenty tomorrow on St Patricks day wow you are an amazing man and you can be as very proud of yourself as I and many others are.

If you slip or fall on your journey through life know as you do that I will always be right by your side to pick you up or just to carry you for a while with no judgement of any kind whatsoever know that so many people look up to you for you are a bright light wherever you go, wherever you are you send out so much positive energy you lift the spirits of many people around you. You have taken your teenage years in your stride and start a new chapter in your life now which I know will be challenging but good for you.

Go big and go strong my handsome son be aware of life’s dark corners and stand tall before all those who try to knock you down, stand up when you have been knocked down and come back with the power of unknown strength but most of all love hard and love true, love yourself and never be too judgemental of your failures be who you are as you are great.

I Love you Keegan

Your dad


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