Definitely Two of Us

Definitely Two of Us

Today I took a quick sneaky stroll to the shops to get a present for my amazing boy who is turning twenty, the mall is about twenty minutes’ walk from our home I sneak out quietly and everything will be okay. Halfway there I realise I haven’t stopped talking to myself since I left the safety of our home I quickly look around to see if I have company or to see if there are people following me wearing white coats. The coast is clear I am safe.

Shopping done  I am about to get home when I realise that for the entire walk to the mall in the mall and back I have been enjoying the company of myself and jee wiz can I talk I nearly asked myself to shut the f… up!  Only realizing that it is in fact me doing all the talking and it would just look strange if a passer-by saw me telling myself to shut up. Never mind how crazy I might look walking and talking anyway but actually it isn’t me doing the talking it is someone else-it is the other person talking to me the old me. I also now realise that whilst choosing a birthday present for my son I had been arguing and discussing the right choice of present no wonder why that security guard had been eying me out so strangely it wasn’t because he was just doing his job it was because I must have entertained him and must have brought so much excitement to his day he just did not want it to end so I feel okay that at least I have given someone a good day.

Whilst all of this was going on I don’t think I realised it and actually I really enjoyed the company of this great man in fact he is extremely entertaining and so interesting always has great stories to tell and keeps the conversation so exciting. I wonder now about running the New York marathon if he will come along for the run to keep me entertained and out of mischief I would like that as time seems to pass quickly when he is around this will help me in completing the forty two kilometres. If you are listening as I am sure you are you are welcome to join me in my latest challenge however I forewarn you that there will be many other people around, I believe forty thousand in fact and when I tell you to just be quiet for a while you need to listen to me as I am now the boss and it would really be strange having all those eyes staring as I run, actually I will be doing all the hard work so there will be no arguing and shouting and if you do not shut the f… up you will deplete all my energy this will be bad for the both of us.

So glad we had this discussion and that you actually let me get a few words in which I may say is not too often I certainly now know how my beautiful Ange feels. Ange I now understand and I will try my best to shut the f… up when I see your amazing eyes close in despair I know not to ask you what is wrong I will know to just apologise for talking so much and leave you in peace for a while, having said this I do realise that the next time we are holding each other close and I see your eyes closing in despair that I would have forgotten of this realisation and all will be back to as it is. Well at least we can laugh about my weird moments as we often do. Also I can look back on this post and realise again that there are actually two of me bound into one body which is just fine the two of us get on so well anyway.



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