First Day at School

First Day at School

So off I go I have packed my bag a lunch box and a jersey for protection against the cool breeze, my phone and laptop is in my bag so I have all I need for my first day away from my wife in eighteen months I will be spending the entire day together with ordinary people who have injured their brain as I have at Headway centre-a place to heal whilst in the company of other superpower humans. I injured my brain in an accident and now live with TBI life for me is hard it is as if I am an infant my body is forty seven years old but my mind is young and life without Ange by my side is extremely lonely, confusing and sad.

When Ange leaves for work in the mornings my day becomes extremely lonely and so difficult TBI is part of who I am now. Today though is a good day as Ange can be at ease whilst at work as I will be in a safe place and in good hands with new friends at my side.

Today felt as if it was my first day at school I am a bit worried that I have some sort of episode and cannot get through today it will certainly be a great test for me. Normally when I get out with Ange I get over excited and become a talking machine with no off switch and tend to take over I just unintentionally talk so much. I will be fine as my strong friend Anton will be there and I know he will have my back for me we met at a supporters meeting a month ago and I call him a friend even though I do not know too much about him but that is okay we have time to get to know each other and however things work out is fine it just feels good to meet new people.

Almost one week has passed since I started this post and I have spent my second day at Headways this has been full of highs and lows, the highs were all the people I met and the lows were just my own realizations kind of as if I have been on a roller coaster ride of enormous proportions. All of us sit in a group as we discuss the topic at hand given to us by the speech or occupational therapist. Try getting three or four people who suffer from one form or other from a broken brain to come to one decision shew! A real challenge I initially thought but actually we are all on the same page and we all get there with ease and come to an exciting and great result because we just share each other’s talents oh by the way we all are extremely talented and I still don’t get why we seem to scare away people. Well we all do have a super power which others do not have so I guess because we are stronger than death itself that is why people are afraid of us.

I was amazed at all the volunteers who show up to give their time to helping others and the staff who dedicate their life to teaching and helping ordinary people to get their life back to a place where they too can enjoy the simple gifts such as walking to the shops to buy a chocolate for a loved one. And to be able to do so much more in life by helping us understand who we are now and that life for us is hard but the rewards we can enjoy will certainly be enormous. Being alive is such a pleasure for me; who would have thought that I would have these amazing feelings after such traumatic injuries changed me for ever.

I learned so much from new people this week it was truly an amazing experience so thank you Anton, Jayne, Rui, Roxanne, Tebogo, Byron and all the others which names have slipped my broken brain but as we spend more and more time together I will remember all your names, you guys at Headway are amazing and so strong you have given me so much energy and have filled my lonely heart full of love and joy and for this I shall give back so much more than i got this week there is truly a pot of gold under the rainbow.

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