Corners of the World

Corners of the World

Ange recently showed me the details of my blog, all the stats of what goes on basically a log that tells me what country and how many people have visited my broken brain to see what this crazy man has to say. I did not expect the statistics which presented themselves I started this blog for me to look back on the words I have written down when my mind is in ‘old mode’ so I could basically have a diary of memories which come back to me and as they did I could write them down, things to remember as I do not have much memory I call it the old mode as I believe after my accident I have moments where I think clear and I am living in my old mind these moments are extremely brief but they arrive in full disguise, I never fully understand when they are there except moments before they leave and then they do not return for days, weeks even months.

So the brief memory which appears before me becomes a story I would write down, I say this as I looked back on when I started writing my stories to re-read my diary entries and read the crazy words I have left but to my surprise I did not believe that I had actually written down these words they could not be mine I could never write in this manner but it is me and they are my words and also I do not remember writing them… weird.

So I have thousands of followers from thirty six countries worldwide-wow! I started reading which countries and it is so crazy to believe that I do not even know where most of these countries are so for the rest of the week I will be looking up to see from which corner of the world one or ten or a hundred of my followers come from.

The four most popular are:

  • South Africa
  • United Kingdome
  • USA
  • Russia

What! Russia wow I love vodka I Actually have an enormous desire to visit St Pietersburg drink a vodka in the snow and watch the northern lights dance to amazing tunes of life whilst there I will try learn a verse or two maybe an awesome swear word in Russian can’t wait. There are many others Italy, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kazakhstan Israel, Australia, New Zealand and so many others I cannot remember and I do not know how to check these stats either so I will ask my Ange when I remember again and see which other wonderful countries join the broken brain story.

This is so exciting it is as if I have travelled the world even to think that this blog started as a diary I could write for me but now it seems that ordinary people out there are interested in my stories so I shall continue writing and re-reading what I have written along with thousands of others this now is a highlight in my life it is like a rebirth a possibility that perhaps my broken brain has so much to offer and has indeed found new avenues around the dead matter which now lives in a large portion of my brain, I call it my camper which refuses to leave that is just fine he can continue camping in my brain there is space for the both of us or actually all three of us.


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