Light at the end of the tunnel

Life oh Life

Today I met a man an honest man a great man I have met this man before at some stage in my life, in fact this man and I have crossed paths many times. The first time he and I would unintentionally meet was when I was young and unaware of life’s real challengers I found myself in a dark, cold tunnel too long to see the other side I had lost my way and had not been able to see the road ahead too clearly but I was a hard headed youngster who thought he knew everything when this youngster actually knew very little. Now as I tried to figure out where to find the light so I could see in which direction I should head I heard him call to me, he too was in this dark cold place but as he called to me I heard that his voice was strong and guiding. I followed the sound of his safe voice but walked until I could not anymore tired and sore I rested and called out to him for some help but all I heard was an echo of my own voice. To my surprise as my echoed voice returned I realized it was the same voice I had been hearing all along I had just failed to hear the strong words as I was frustrated and not thinking too well.

As I sat to rest my tired body I felt a calm warm feeling fill my lost mind I then realized that the voice I had been hearing was indeed that of mine and the man I met was me. I then realized that I have two parts of me and now the stronger man inside was guiding and helping my broken heart to get back up to be strong again. I stood up cleared my mind and found the light I had been looking for so long for, the light was always there right in front of me I had just failed to see it, I had failed to trust and believe in myself. I would fall many times in my life after that first knock I never wanted to find myself back in that dark cave again, I never wanted to be lost and scared as I was that cold, dark day but life has its way of dealing out constant and heavier challengers we do not understand most of these until too late. The moment you think you have just fought your way out of danger or a dark hole it knocks you back again this time you are shattered as you feel you have used up all your strength but if life was that easy we would perhaps never learn or understand the great lessons we had to learn in the first place, which in the greater scheme of things is in its own understanding a mystery but it will always be there most time we think it is another uphill battle but it is mostly ourselves we are fighting so if we can learn to understand ourselves more and just take some time to sit down and rest we can solve many issues quickly and quietly.

Life oh life that is just it life…If life came with a book on the do’s and don’ts  and all solutions to all known problems what would be left for us to do then sit around and wait for death? As I write now I see that I dwell into another unknown abyss which is where I shall not go right now I will spoil all the fun for when I go to sleep. Today twenty odd years later I found myself back in the dark place but found my own way out again it did take over a year but I got there and now I can reflect on my experience in a new light a bright but soft and gentle light. Now I see the light which is always there I have just failed to see it too clearly in the past. I know now to believe and trust myself more I am my greatest light and I shine bright.

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