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Out and About

Today for me was an amazing day nothing special or exciting for an ordinary person but in my terms or in an ordinary day in my life this was certainly not ordinary there were a number of reasons for this, the first started unexpectedly early Wednesday morning.

Ange took me as usual to my bio session but had to leave me there to get to work, there was no other way for her as Ange would normally stay at my side and get me safely home once my rehab was complete then race off for a long day in the office, Ange stays just because she wants to and also to make sure I am okay. Halfway through my session I realise Ange is missing and I get worried and become afraid, my trainer reminds me of the plans they made with Ange to walk me across the road to my rehab centre for my session with my neuro physiologist and Ange will collect me then.

I get to my next session in one piece safely as my two trainers walk me there, this felt strange but great as I have managed to relieve Ange from this small weight. Also I feel I have relieved her of a small burden I say burden as I cannot do anything without Angie at my side but today I walked without her across the road to my next session this is good news for me for it is the start of the rest of my life. I complete my session with flying colours and before I can walk outside my Angie is there to get me Sjoe… I feel safe again.

Once home Ange leaves for work I then become frustrated for I feel I need to do something on my own and I know that the only change to my day now will be if my good friend comes past to visit, I know he has a lot happening in his life right now and I do not want to burden him so I don’t call to say hi I have another idea, a better one. I can walk to the mall which is about a kilometre away this will be simple and safe. I leave the gate and feel scared but I am confident and build up the strength to do this. Half way to the mall I see a taxi pull over to collect and then my mind sets itself free and starts to become adventurous I know now that I can go anywhere I can walk most places now and if I need to venture further I can for there are taxis everywhere. I now realise that I can take a taxi to the mall if I want whilst thinking of this I am at the mall already- safe and in one piece, I speak to Ange get some shopping done at PICK N Pay and leave for home. Whilst walking home I realise I have left the shopping somewhere… oops.

Home I cannot go home now not after my mind has allowed me to venture out so I walk towards the main road the main road being Louis Botha once there I realise this is the furthest I have walked on my own away from the safety of home but it is okay as I am fearless and my spirit has allowed me to explore just as the most famous explorer Christopher Columbus explored new worlds, a new world a new day far, far away he did it and so I will too. I know that my new ID book is ready for collection and the offices are 10 km further down the road I could walk there but it will not be safe and I will have to sleep on the side of the road before I could return back home this is not a good idea at all! But the spirit in me has been ignited and so one day I shall leave the safety of my home with forty rand in my pocket and venture out to home affairs to collect my identity and if there are problems I shall overcome them I shall succeed and become a walkabout wanderer. I now turn around and find my way back home i walk inside and breathe a sigh of relief. Today was great i ventured out to the great beyond and returned safely to live for another venture maybe to collect my ID book, I can and I will just as i will complete the New Your marathon and I will show the world that people who now live with TBI are just the same if not stronger than others for they have to fight so much harder just to be able to walk to the shops but we can and we will.


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