Winds of Change

Winds of Change

A great song of mine sung by the scorpions brought me across many changing times in my life as would be for my life has certainly had its fair share of extreme changes forever changing I would constantly find myself travelling a different unchartered road listening to the touching words of this tune on full blast. One evening I had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing woman and have the privilege to settle down and be loved the way I love. There is now a problem with the memories linked to this song this great song is now just part of a broken memory it will stay in the abyss for a lifetime along with all its moments’ just ideas of great times connected to these lyrics and this awesome tune.

The song is still great though and I do know there are many memories linked to it however most of them have faded they too fell as I did and have not yet found their way back as I have which is fine I will create new ones I will allow this song which I enjoy so much to create new memories. I now go through different changes in my life but all these changes are shared with the love of my life together we will walk on a road we have both chosen and when one of us now falls the other is right there to carry the weight, gently helping and holding each other until strong again. This road is a great road the winds now blow on our back and gently push us along as we enjoy life to the fullest.

A few lines of this amazing tune which I have loved more than most songs are;                                                                                                                               An AUGUST SUMMER NIGHT SOLDIERS PASSING BY,                                 LISTENING TO THE WINDS OF CHANGE,                                                       THE WORLD  IS CLOSING IN,                                                                         DID YOU EVER THINK THAT WE COULD BE SO CLOSE LIKE BROTHERS, THE FUTURES IN THE AIR I CAN FEEL IT EVERYWHERE ,                            BLOWING WITH THE WIND OF CHANGE,                                                  TAKE ME TO THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT                                                   ON A GLORY NIGHT…

My accident took place on an August night I was left lying on the side of the road just out of the view from passing motorists, lying moments away from death, bleeding from various parts of my body and a serious head wound my skull had a hole the size of an orange and split in two from my nose to the back of my neck. I wonder if the words of this song had been with me whilst I lay there in the magic of the moment on my glory night. I wonder…

Normally listening to words from a song or just somebody speaking brings back a kind of black and white picture of certain memories in my life they grace me with pleasure and love for a few seconds and then they disappear as if it was just a dream which will be forgotten in a moment, when I listen to this song I get goose bumps and a great feeling of enjoyment but for some reason there are no memories what so ever attached to this song strange.       I do know that there are many and I recognise the tune and even know the words but there is not one memory attached at all.

With songs generally for me there are heaps of split second memories which just bring a smile to my face. Even though they are gone within seconds it is still time that i am able to spend in my road which I proudly traveled.  For me this is fine as I feel these lyrics were there to give me strength to fight through the glory night to be able to walk again and to hold and kiss my beautiful Ange and so I now am able to have many magic moments with the love of my life who is right there by my side as i am at hers.

Thank you Ange for your unending love and energy which you hand out to me in heaps and bounds, I love you more each day I am so blessed to share magic moments with you.

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One thought on “Winds of Change

  1. Bevan , your words are so strong just as your love for Angela , we need to get together , so that I am not a stranger when you want to go and visit Thomas and Your mom, just for that occasional weekend !! Let me come and visit let’s do this thing and the NY marathon is reaching for the stars . You are an absolute inspiration and so is your dear Ang whom I would like to get to know better as I would like to take you to the farm from time to time as I know how much you love it , let me know or I will be in touch , strength my brother

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