My Joker Card

Bevan Oschger | On my way to New York City Marathon

Joker Card

Everyone has a joker card hidden in their pack just there for the right moment when needed. It can turn the tables on the moment, the best card in the pack one card that can be used at any time to create a winning hand and to get you out of a tight situation the joker card is the solitary card in the pack with awesome powers which we all love to have.

I had one but used it before I could get value from its powerful strength. My joker card was in the form of tears, I wrote on one of my blogs that when pushed too hard at my bio I could use my joker card and shed tears as I have shed tears with all of my therapists at the rehab centre and now at a new centre for my physical strength I have a new team who will help me to get strong again and even complete a marathon. They do not yet know Bevan too well he sheds tears all the time, strange thing to do for a grown man. Well even before my accident I used to be an emotional person, I could cry through a whole movie even if it was in a chick flick.

Keegan told me I was so bad I even used to cry in my coma wow out in another world and crying in a coma that is strange-real strange. Ange told me I cried a few times when I was deep in my coma, often when the kids used to touch and talk to me I would shed many tears also when she used to talk to this blank man lying fast asleep for the second month Ange used to talk and talk Ange believed this would help me recover she used to ask me to please wake up as she needs me so badly and misses me so, so much and she will take me in any way as long as I please wake up. The next moment she would noticed tears running freely down my cheeks not a sound or movement from me just tears, Ange used to wipe them away hoping I would wake or just say something but for a long,  long time there would be nothing no movement no Bevan. Eventually though I did wake and Ange was sitting right there at my side so strong and so pretty I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Well I thought I could just burst out crying as I normally do when really emotional and this would give me a five minute rest whilst training this would bring some sympathy from my trainers and they would have to give me a little break after all it’s a humane thing to do. Well the other day things did not go as planned I had just finished my session when my trainer Justin told the students to give me my official registered number from my running club the Achilles Gauteng running club this is me officially registered as a club runner they did and as they passed it to me I just burst out in tears I cried and cried and cried sobbed like a baby, this was such an emotional moment for me it was like I had just finished a marathon for the first time in my life climbed a high mountain and crossed a huge bridge in stormy weather wow!


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