Tired but Strong

Tired but good

I am now in my third week of Bio therapy or Bio Kinetics as it is called, three weeks of exercising a body which has been out of action for the second year now. I have three therapists’ the owner of the centre, a great man who has such a great spirit, he himself was the victim of a great injury which he now carries with pride and has a great attitude. Two students who have completed their studies and are now in their practical phase as part of their studies Bevan is one of many practical guinea pigs for them to work on and test their skills which they have been taught. However the real live part of many years in a classroom kicks in and they will be tested and have many testing moments to experience and overcome, difficult moments, tough and hard moments all testing both for them and the patient.

Now is the time for these young hearts to put all their learning to use and to see if this is in fact what they truly want to do in life. Well after three weeks with me they are still there and always carry a great smile as I enter their domain as I step over that threshold their great greeting smile slowly turn to a grin – a challenging grin their testing subject has arrived. I am not sure if that great grin is their way of subtly telling me that they are ready and waiting or if they are wondering what will today bring which Bevan has now walked into their ring well they have not seen all of me just yet, for the first time whilst at rehab I have not cried amongst these young hearts yet I will leave that for my joker card as they push my body to inches of its breaking point as they prepare me for my marathon. Well they will never break me I can break but I get up again and I will not allow them to break me I will overcome all my issues and persist in my venture to walk and run again. The New York marathon is just a race for me to show all those who are also broken that they too can get up and be strong, that they can achieve so much more than they thing the can.

I do realise I moan a lot whilst there I don’t mean to I just do I suppose for me this is all new and I do realise that the exercises I have been given seem at first fit for a child but once I am doing the new challenge I realise I am struggling but I am strong and so I just do as told and when the pain starts grabbing hold I cannot stop as these are exercises a child would do so I just have to complete the task handed out with this great grin. I do feel my body is not as sore as the first week and I therefore know that I will get stronger each week I am there and this is what I need and want so I am happy and great full for the pain. It is just pain any way pain is good it lets you know you are alive. I do believe the day after the New York marathon there shall be more pain for me so much more handed out by myself and I look forward to that pain for when I feel that pain I know I would have started on a great journey and maybe I would have given just one other broken person the strength to stand up and do great things with their life just one will be a great reward for me.

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