What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead

The road on which I have been travelling in my life has certainly not only been the easy smooth straight tarred road we always would like to travel on. I have always lived my life just waiting for that dusty strip to appear ahead which would via off in a completely different direction for me to take and add another adventure to my life never really knowing where the end of this road would lead me to. I am now on a new road and for a while I did not know why I was on this road and how I got onto this strange highway but I now know where I am going for I passed a huge road sign a while back it read;




I am not sure why and how I got onto this road but that does not matter what matters is that I am on this road and I will not turn around now as I am sure I know where I am going. I am going into uncharted territory for me but I have experience and I have the strength and willpower to take on this journey. I am going to start a center for anyone who needs help in some way in life whether it be from their own destructive ways or that they have been handed a real bad hand and cannot cope or just need a little help in some way.

Ange and I went for my interview at Headway Gauteng as we have been told by all my therapists this will be good for me, our first visit to Headway which to my understanding is a center that focuses on brain trauma in groups. We were asked to sit amongst others in a circle and to introduce ourselves to each other, all strangers to me all with brain injuries. I felt good and felt safe amongst a unique crowd of survivors but there was one man that caught my attention he was big and strong he was tough and would not take nonsense from anyone ever. I did notice that all there weren’t afraid or shy to talk openly of their problems and of life in general well certainly not me I had this open amazing feeling to just talk and so I spoke and spoke and spoke… a lot. Once the meeting had finished we had tea and mingled with a couple of the patients there the tough man I had noticed earlier walked over to Ange and myself and we spoke some more, this man and I are the same age I then realized all he wanted to do was talk to someone that would listen I really enjoyed talking and listening to him. I also realized we have so much in common even though we are two different people. Later a therapist came over and thanked me for being so open and told me that the other patients here at the support group really would take so much away with them from my open speaking.

SUPPORT GROUP! What this is a support group! Ange did not mention this I thought this was an introduction to the center wow. Later Ange would explain why she had not told me of this because she knew I wouldn’t want to go but I was so happy she had not she had tricked me; she is so clever my Ange. All the therapists I have been to say that talking to a person who themselves has had a brain injury helps them in so many ways almost as if the injured can help each other the injured now become therapists to each other.

For this reason I now know that I will complete the New York marathon and I will do it to send a message to all those who have fallen and tell them that their life is just beginning that their life is important, I will help as many people that I can in any way I can. I will raise money to do this, I will travel this road and will not turn back and I will be a shining light for those who are broken. I will dedicate my life to helping others, I will do this just because I can and will.


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    • Thank you Trent that means so much to me. Hope to see you at Parsons soon. Go well be strong.

  1. I def agree on your view about this. You gotta know whats important to each other and if your beliefs and values match or if you can at least comspomire.

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